Take part in one of the oldest and most fascinating horse rides in Sardinia and throughout Europe. A centenary tradition in which 120 horsemen, led by Su Componidori, challenge fate with great skill and courage, giving a unique show to those present.

Experience the thrill of the Corsa alla Stella or the Corsa delle Pariglie.


The Corsa alla Stella (Star Joust) is the best known stage of the equestrian carousel. The knights gallop to seize the suspended star with their sword. A spectacular moment led by the race leader, Su Componidori.

The grandstands for Corsa alla Stella

The Corsa alla Stella begins in the space in front of Palazzo Giudicale, the old prison in Piazza Giuseppe Manno, and ends in the square of the Church of San Mauro in Sant’Antonio street.

The stands are located in Via Duomo from which you can see the exact moment when each knight tries to seize the star. Two other stands are located in Via Cagliari, where the swords are delivered to the knights, and in front of Piazza Eleonora D’Arborea.

The price

Below are the prices of the grandstand tickets to attend the Corsa alla Stella (Star Joust).

Corsa alla Stella - Sunday 11th February 2024
Corsa alla Stella - Tuesday 13th February 2024


The Corsa delle Pariglie consists of acrobatic evolutions of knights riding their horses in groups of three. It’s a unique show for which knights prepare throughout the year to enchant the audience with their stunts.

The grandstands for Corsa delle Pariglie

The races start from “Su Brocci”, the small tunnel that leads into Mazzini street. The main grandstands are located in the middle of the track, in Mazzini street, from which you can fully witness the acrobatic evolution of the knights. Two other stands are positioned at the beginning of the route and a third towards the end, at the Torre Portixedda.

The price

Below the ticket prices of the stands to attend the Corsa delle Pariglie.



The tickets can be collected starting from February 5, 2024, at the offices located at Via Eleonora 15 (Oristano) presenting the voucher received via email after the purchase.

Tickets are valid only for the date, event and grandstand indicated on them; it will be the responsibility of the buyers to check them carefully at the time of purchase.

In case of non-use, they are non-refundable, nor convertible into tickets for another date.

Please note that the Sartiglia is an event with dynamics and modalities linked to tradition, therefore the start time indicated on the tickets may undergo variations not directly attributable to the organization.

It is advisable to take a seat in the grandstand in time, at least one hour before the start of the times indicated on the tickets in order to avoid mistakes and logistical problems. In no event will duplicate tickets be issued.

All prices are inclusive of related taxes.

Children aged 4 and over pay the full ticket. Children up to 3 years of age do not pay the ticket (they must be held in the arms in the grandstand) and reservations are not required.

It is forbidden to introduce bottles, glass objects and any other blunt object that could cause harm to oneself or others (such as knives, scissors, helmets). No pets are allowed, with the exception of registered guide dogs. Smoking is not permitted.

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Buy your tickets and enjoy one of the most spectacular horse rides in Europe.


The Oristano Foundation manages and deals with the sale of tickets to access the stands to attend the Sartiglia.


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