Horse Protection

The relationship of trust between man and horse is at the very heart of sa Sartiglia. Traditionally and historically, horses have always played a very important role in Oristano. Because of this reason, since 2012, the Foundation sa Sartiglia, together with the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Sassari, started a project whose aim is the protection and wellness of horses.

Veterinary visits 2016.

The project aims at gathering and studying data about the wellbeing of the horses employed in the race. The Foundation has established its own Veterinary Commission, which evaluates the health and performance of the horses and makes sure that national and European laws are respected and that certain standards are met.

One month before the event, all horses are tested to assess and eventually highlight previous or recent pathologies that may hinder their participation in the race. If everything is ok, the horses are declared fit to race. 

On the days of Sartiglia, other various tests are carried out to assess and evaluate the horses’ performance during the event.