Le Pariglie

The term pariglia indicates a group made of three riders and their horses. In a broader sense, it stands for the air stunts the riders do on their horses’ backs, something that reminds of equestrian vaulting. 

The Pariglie start from su Brocciu, a small tunnel that leads into Via Mazzini. From there, the riders finally give way to their reckless acrobatics.

Corsa delle Pariglie.

The first and most important pariglia is that of su Componidori, su Segundu and su Tertzu. However, su Componidori cannot perform any stunt, because it could hinder their safety.

All the other riders, to the extent of their ability and recklessness, will offer the audience breath-taking performances. 

Corsa delle Pariglie.

Su componidori, su Segundu and su Tertzu parade for a last time in front of the crowd. Afterwards, su Componidori performs another Remada while escorted by su Segundu and su Tertzu.