Il Bando

In ancient times, a town crier was an officer of a royal court or public authority who was charged with the duty of informing the city population of the town pronouncements, but also of important events and ceremonies such as shows and celebratory events. It is very likely that sa Sartiglia was announced by a town crier. For some decades now, thanks to an initiative of the Pro Loco, the town cry, known as bando, has been integrated in the event.

The town crier announces the race early in the morning of Sunday and of Tuesday, first in Piazza Eleonora, then proceeding on doing the same in other important streets and squares of the old city centre, while drummers and trumpeters play along.

The town crier informs that the city authorities invite riders and the city population to go to Sa Seu de Santa Maria, that is the Cathedral, to attend the race. He also informs people about the time the race will start and about the prizes the riders will receive for proving their riding skills and their expertise with sword and lance.