Network and partnerships


On February 9, 1991, the city of Oristano and the city of Ciutadella de Menorca (Spain) signed a twinning agreement reaffirming their bond of friendship and mutual appreciation.  The two cities celebrate traditional events that have common roots and link together the two populations: sa Sartiglia and the Sortilla.

The two municipalities agree to promote all kinds of social relationships. They also agree to support all activities promoting culture.

I due municipi si impegnano a promuovere ogni sorta di relazione di carattere sociale. Inoltre hanno stabilito di sostenere tutte le attività che tendano alla promozione della cultura, convinti che una forte e intima collaborazione tra i municipi possa dare beneficio spirituale e materiale alle due città.

Philatelic cancellation for the 15th twinning anniversary.

The relationship of friendship between the two cities was strengthened in 2003 through changes on the city’s toponomy. Ciutadella de Menorca had one of its main streets dedicated to Oristano, while in Oristano a street close to the route of sa Sartiglia has been renamed Via Ciutadella de Menorca.


The two historical equestrian races of the Alka of Sinj (Croatia) and sa Sartiglia of Oristano, are linked by a twinning agreement that was signed on March 3, 2014 in Oristano, by the President of the Sa Sartiglia Foundation, Guido Tendas, by the President of the Alka Cavalier Society, Stipe Jukic, by the Director of the Foundation, Francesco Obino, and by the Secretary of the Alka Society, Ivan Nasic.

Signing of the document linking Oristano and Sinj in the Sala Giudicale of the Palazzo degli Scolopi. March 3, 2014.

The Twinning Protocol commits the two institutions to intensify cooperation in the field of culture, promoting mutual knowledge among their citizens and encouraging the promotion of their respective historical and cultural heritage.

It is hoped that soon a twinning agreement between the cities of Oristano and Sinj will be reached.