On February 2nd, the members of the gremi, of brotherhoods and of some religious associations go to church to attend Candlemas. During this ceremony, some candles will be blessed by the priest. At the end of the mass, a procession leaves the church to bring the blessed candles to various supporters of their association. They visit the homes of sick confreres, widows and widowers of deceased members, and all people particularly close to the association, as a sign of solidarity among the members and supporters.

On this same day, as is according to ancient tradition, s’Oberaiu Majore of the corporation of Farmers and the Majorale en Cabo of the gremio of Woodworkers name their respective Componidoris.

It is by gifting them a blessed candle that the highest authorities of the two gremi officially name their Componidoris, that is, the two riders who will respectively lead the race on the Sunday and on the Tuesday.

Candlemas 2016. Farmers Guild.

A candle decorated with red ribbons is delivered by s’Oberaiu Majore of the gremio of Farmers to the chosen knight, while reciting the words “Santu Giuanni t’aggiudit” (“may St. John protect you”). The investiture is completed.

A candle decorated with pink and sky-blue ribbons is delivered by the Majorale en Cabo of the of the gremio of Woodworkers to the chosen rider, while reciting the words “Santu Giusepi t’assistat” (“may St. Joseph help you”). The investiture is completed.

su Segundu and su Tertzu, part of su Componidori’s pariglia (team) also are given a blessed candle.

Candlemas. Woodworkers Guild.