Drummers and Trumpeters

Drummers and trumpeters give sa Sartiglia its unmistakeable rhythm. Their music signals the transition between different phases of the event.

In the early morning of the event, drummers and trumpeters escort a town crier through the streets and squares of the old city centre. The town crier announces the Bando, which is an invitation to the city population to attend the festival.

Drummers and trumpeters during La Sartiglia

During the vestizione, drummers and trumpeters, will bring attention to the moment when the Massaieddas place the mask on the face of su Componidori.


Quite often, the drummers and trumpeters create new rhythms, which are then combined with the traditional ones, creating the soundtrack of sa Sartiglia. Among the most famous tunes:

Su Passu de su Componidori accompanies the transformation of the rider into su Componidori. The rhythm is played in their honour throughout the event to signal the shifts to different phases of the festival.

Su passu de su Segundu Cumponi e Su passu de su Terzu Cumponi accompany the ride of su Segundu and su Terzu. 

Su Passu de is Bachittas is played while Su Componidori heads towards Piazza Manno, moments before they perform sa Remada.

Su Pass’e strada announces the arrival of the procession and accompanies it through the main streets of the city and towards the venue of the svestizione.