The Route

Sa Sartiglia moves through the streets of Oristano. At the end of the vestizione, which usually takes place outside the old city centre, su Componidori and the procession head towards Via del Duomo, where the race takes place.

The starting point of the race is in front of the Palazzo Giudicale, the old prison. The riders will take turns to try and pierce the “star” while riding their horses. The “star” is found halfway along the track, right under the 13th century bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, hanging between two be-ribboned posts.

The rides end in front of the church of San Mauro, right after the church of Sant’Antonio, chapel of an ancient medieval hospital, and the church of the Holy Spirit, of Byzantine origin.

When the race is over, the procession heads towards via Mazzini, where the pariglie will take place. To get there, the procession goes through Piazza Eleonora, one of the main squares of the old city, to then take Corso Umberto, also and more commonly known as via Dritta. Via Dritta takes to Piazza Roma, where the Mariano II tower stands tall. From there, passing along the ancient walls of the city, the procession finally reaches via Mazzini.