Medal of the President of the Republic

La Sartiglia received the Medal of the President of the Republic.

The prestigious award, which underlines Sartiglia’s prestige, was granted by President Giorgio Napolitano for the historic and cultural value of the event.

La Sartiglia also boasts the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

Medal of the President of the Republic

24th Silver Mask Sartiglia Award 2013

The president Antonio Matzutzi and the provincial secretary Marco Franceschi of the Confartigianato of Oristano presented the 24th Silver Mask Sartiglia 2013 award to the President of the Sa Sartiglia Foundation (now known as Oristano Foundation).

To collect the coveted prize, on the stage of the Teatro Garau, in addition to President Tendas, were also present the guilds’ presidents Francesco Cadoni and Nando Faedda, the director of the Oristano Foundation Francesco Obino, the technical director Filippo Uras, the Head of the Veterinary Service Giuseppe Sedda and the President of the Cavalry Association Giuseppe Catapano.

The jury – made up of the Presidential Committee of Confartigianato and experts representing the culture, civil and religious institutions – Giampaolo Mele, Mons. Antonino Zedda, Lucio Deriu and Massimiliano De Seneen – awarded the prize with the following motivation:

“To Sa Sartiglia Foundation”

established in 2006 under the presidency of the Mayor of Oristano and the aegis of the Farmers Guild and Woodworkers Guild, undisputed custodians of the historical and cultural heritage and ceremonial rites of the Sartiglia.

The prestigious Oristano Foundation, located in the ancient capital of the Giudicato d’Arborea, punctually takes care of the direction of the event, protecting the tradition and at the same time stimulating innovation with balance and brilliance in respect of the roles and in the achievement of the statutory purposes.

In a few years it has allowed for an even wider affirmation of the Sartiglia in the world of Sardinian popular traditions and on the international scene, in a continuous and effective action of bringing the institutions closer together and involving citizens for the collective realization of the Sartiglia.