Su Componidori

Sa Sartiglia revolves around the figure of su Componidori, the leader of the race and key player of the event.

Every year on February 2, during Candlemas, the highest authorities of the corporations of Farmers and of Woodworkers officially name their Componidori. A blessed candle is given to each of the riders who will have the task of leading the race on the Sunday and on the Tuesday.

Candelora 2016 – Farmers Guild

On both days of the race, the vestizione represents a very important moment, during which the chosen rider is transformed into Componidori. From that moment on, the rider becomes a deity before the eyes of the audience and will be tasked with leading the race.

Su Componidori calls for the beginning of the race by riding first. Then, the other riders will follow. However, only the ones chosen by su Componidori will have the honour of trying their luck in piercing the “star”.

When the race is over, su Componidori performs the traditional blessing known as Remada. Finally, after sunset, the svestizione takes place. Once the mask is removed, su Componidori goes back to being one of the riders, a human being. The numerous onlookers can now approach him/her to greet and applaud his/her feat.