Guided Tours


On the occasion of the 2023 carnival, the Oristano Foundation organizes guided tours on the route of the Sartiglia and in the city.

Departure from the Antiquarium Arborense Museum in Piazza Corrias, accompanied by expert tourist guides, you can follow a historical-artistic-anthropological itinerary which includes the following stages:

  1. Oristano’s Cathedral, with a visit to the Chapel of the Woodworkers Guild
  2. Via Duomo
  3. Piazza Roma with a visit to the Mariano II tower
  4. Via Mazzini with a visit to the route of the Pariglie race and Portixedda tower
  5. Sartiglia’s Documentation and Study Center · via Eleonora 15
  6. Municipal Art Gallery with visit to Mauro Ferreri’s exhibition
  7. Visit to the Antiquarium Arborense


FULL PRICE: €12,00 per person
FREE: Children from 0 to 4 years old


  • Friday 17th February: 15:30
  • Saturday 18th February: 15:30
  • Sunday 19th February: 9:30
  • Monday 20th February: 9:30
  • Tuesday 21st February: 9:30

Duration of the visit 120 minutes. Also available in English. Reservations are possible until 1PM on Friday 17 February.

Information and bookings email: [email protected] - Tel +39 0783 791262