Parking areas

On Sartiglia days, whoever wants to reach Oristano by car should better arrive in town very early in the morning, to find a park at a reasonable distance from the old centre. There, indeed, the access to a number of streets (via Mazzini, last stretch of via Tirso, piazza Roma, via Duomo, via Vittorio Emanuele, a tract of piazza Manno, via Ciutadela de Menorca, via Sant'Antonio, a tract of via Cagliari, via Diego Contini) is restricted or closed. Moreover, car parks of several streets in the proximity of the old town are already taken since the earliest hours in the morning. 
The nearest public car parks available are in via Cagliari - via Carducci (‘Saia’ buildings) [A], around the courthouse (entrance from via San Francesco d'Assisi) [B], via Verdi (near the Bank of Italy) [C], via Mariano IV (opposite the central Post Office) [D]
A bit off the town centre are a few wide parking areas, in the large San Martino square (near the homonymous hospital) [E] and in the quarter of San Nicola (between the ‘Tharros’ sports ground and the area of the so-called ‘palazzi finanziari’ (‘financial buildings’) [F].


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