The undressing

At the end of the race of ‘pariglie’, the cortege forms again to return along the track of via Mazzini. 
Now, at dusk, the parade of horses and riders seems to foretell the end of the race. On Tuesday, in particular, the festive atmosphere closing the event of the day – actually, of a whole year – can be perceived by the audience as by anyone who is involved in the show. In particular, the moment when riders give the precious cockades adorning the horses to their fans, almost gone into raptures, enhances the atmosphere of the feast.

At the end of the parade, the cortege of buglers, drummers, Guild members and horsemen heads for the seat of the Guild, where the dressing of ‘su Componidori’ took place in the morning. 
There, the head of the joust will greet all the riders and the people present entering the hall lying flat over his horse’s back. 
As soon as he reaches ‘sa mesitta’, in religious silence, he will be allowed to skip on the table, entrusting his horse to a groom. 

A riot of bugles and drums, cries of jubilation and applauses greet the return of ‘su Componidori’. 
The undressing ceremony begins. Once the top hat and the veil are removed, an extraordinary roll of drums marks the moment when the mask is taken off his face: now ‘su Componidori’ has turned into a rider again. 
At last, the Guild, the horsemen, everybody can approach him to greet him with congratulations. Celebrations will continue till late at night.

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